Commercial / New Build

Lemon Bryenton Apartments

Sitting in a Centre Heritage Area of Newtown, Wellington, this redevelopment proposes the demolition of an existing single-storey commercial building and the construction of a four-storey dwelling which accommodates retail activities on the ground floor and five residential apartments at the upper three levels.

Carefully designed to acknowledge the main frontages proportions and WCC’s Design Guides for the NSCHA, it contributes to the visual richness and complexity of the streetscape. It also provides for mixed-use: a commercial ground floor one third higher than the upper residential storeys along a façade featuring a prominent parapet, recessed shop and accommodation entries.

A symmetrically crafted brick façade matches the vertical proportions and windows of the neighbouring buildings, while being consistent with the ‘above the veranda’ glazing within historic town centres. A continuous cantilevered veranda re-establishes the alignment between the proposed building and its neighbours while providing street shelter for pedestrians.

Sustainable strategies include a high-performance envelope with external insulation, the use of mass engineering timber for the structure to reduce carbon emissions, and natural ventilation over mechanical systems.