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Curiosity Centre.

At Active Architecture, we believe every journey of discovery starts with a healthy dose of curiosity. We are on our own discovery journey to find better ways of helping you achieve your dreams, through technology, and a bit of lateral thinking.

To assist us on our journey, we’d love for you to join us in finding the right path, to ensure we are providing help where it’s needed.

So, we created the Curiosity Centre.

Here, and alongside our blog, you’ll find information about our latest musings, learnings, successes and failures, as we explore the spaces between, forgotten corners, crevices and cracks and maybe even uncharted territories of residential architecture.

To begin this journey, below you’ll find the first of our discovery projects:

To kick start our curiosity centre(s), we are going to begin by looking into Schedule 1 of the NZ Building Code which covers works that do not require a building consent. It’s our thinking that there isn’t enough guidance on this kind of work and yet it is widely carried out by both non-professional and professionals alike. Before we launch too far into this, we’d like for you to help us test this hypothesis with a short survey. If you’d like to take part in this please click the link above.

As we continue on our journey we’ll be sharing our learnings in regular blog posts. Click on the link above to read the latest discoveries.

Curiosity Collector

Our Curiosity collector is the place where you can offer your curiosities for us to ponder.