Hammer with bent nails. Unpacking Schedule 1.

Schedule 1 Works

What are Schedule 1 Works?

The New Zealand Building Code provides a list of building works that can be carried out without a building consent; this list is called Schedule 1. Although MBIE provides a fair amount of information online for these works, there is still a degree of confusion amongst both non-professionals and professionals carrying out these works. We think that there are a lot of gaps to fill in - especially on how to carry out these works. So we are keen to get a better understanding of this in order to help fill those gaps.
Before we launch into the nitty gritty, we have a few questions to ask you to help us head in the right direction. Below is a short survey to give us a better idea of what you think about Schedule 1 works.

Schedule 1: Survey

Schedule 1: Work that does not require a building consent.
This survey has been created to understand people's current awareness and thoughts around Schedule 1 of the New Zealand Building Code: Building works not requiring a building consent.

Have you undertaken or expect you will undertake Schedule 1 work in the future?*

Do you feel there is enough guidance on Schedule 1 work?*

If there was an easily accessible online or app based guide that gave practical advice on how to carry out Schedule 1 work, which of the following responses do you agree with?*

Building work experience.
How are you involved or interested in non-consented building works.

Which of the following best describes you?*

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