Unpacking Schedule 1.

Building works that do not require consent.

Hammer with bent nails. Unpacking Schedule 1.
Unpacking Schedule 1. Building works that do not require a building consent.

Our first Curiosity Project.

For the first of our Curiosity projects, we are tackling the subject of unpacking Schedule 1: Building works that do not require building consent.

What is Schedule 1?

Under the New Zealand Building Code, some building works do not require consent. Schedule 1 is a list of these works. 


At first glance, this sounds like an opportunity to save money. Avoid the hassle and cost of council involvement, consultant fees, and labour costs.


However, these works still need to meet compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. This a fact often overlooked and where things can become unstuck. Not always immediately, but further down the track.


Non-professionals and professionals carry out this work daily, but guidance on how to carry out this work is lacking at best. 

Unpack and dive deep.

Over the next few weeks, we intend to pull apart Schedule 1 and focus on each item individually. We aim to understand it better to see how we can provide more guidance.


In the meantime, we would love to know what you think about this.

On our Schedule 1 page, you’ll find a short survey to fill out.

Your feedback will help us gauge how deep we go to provide you with the resources you need. 

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